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Tooth extraction is a successful treatment that quickly restores the health of your smile, but the recovery time is what makes this treatment so successful. After your appointment, it is extremely important to take great care of your oral cavity. If you don’t, you could become a victim to dry socket and infection. So, to properly care for your smile, please do the following:

• Take the painkillers your doctor prescribes to you. You can also reduce the swelling and relieve the pain by applying an ice pack outside your mouth.

• Rinse your mouth gently with warm salt water after 24 hours has passed. Do this several times a day to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and reduce the risk of infection. You can make salt water by mixing 1 tsp of salt into a medium-sized glass full of warm water.

• Replace your gauze pads before they become soaked with blood.

• Relax for a few days. Physical activity may increase the bleeding and slow down the recovery process.

• Do not smoke or use a straw.

• Eat soft foods that don’t hurt you when you eat them, like soup, ice cream, and pudding. Once your mouth starts feeling better, you can gradually start eating solid foods again.

• Try not to lie flat. Prop your head up with pillows to help slow and reduce the bleeding.

• Avoid rubbing the treated area with your tongue.

• Carefully brush your teeth and tongue.

If you have any questions about these instructions, please feel free to call our office and talk to a member of our caring dental team. Also, please remember to follow your doctor’s recovery process instructions in addition to ours. Good luck and we hope you get feeling better soon!