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Do you wake up with pain in your jaw? Is your jaw sore or stiff, and do you experience clicking? You may be experiencing TMJ, or temporomandibular joint pain because this hinge, which connects your jaw to your skull, is injured or misaligned, affecting your jaw muscles a well.

Other signs you may have TMJ symptoms include ear pain or popping sounds in your ears, headaches, pain in your temples, aching facial pain, or locking of the jaw.

What causes TMJ pain? You may have had injury or trauma to the teeth or jaw, your teeth are misaligned, your jaw is misaligned, you may be grinding your teeth—particularly at night while you sleep–you might have poor posture or stress or arthritis.

Whatever the cause, there are things you can do to help relieve the pain. At Toluca Dental Studio, our doctors can make a custom night guard for you to reduce bruxism, or we can prescribe medication to help as well. You can also alleviate TMJ pain with the following:

–Massaging the jaw joints, or doing gentle jaw and neck stretches.
–Eating soft foods.
–Avoid chewing gum.
–Reducing stress.
–Using ice packs on the pain site.
–Sleep on your side instead of your back or stomach.
–Support your chin by using your fist when you yawn.
–Don’t cradle your phone during long calls.

Give our office a call at 818-927-6807 if you have questions or need help managing your TMJ symptoms.