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The dangers posed to the circulatory and respiratory system from tobacco have been well documented in the media. At the same time, threat tobacco use poses to your oral health should not be ignored. Tar, nicotine and the other chemicals can affect your mouth and throat in several different ways.

Regular tobacco use can easily stain your teeth, and it doesn’t take long for these stains to work their way deep into the enamel. Retail level whitening products usually are not strong enough to remove these stains. Your smile can only effectively be brightened again through a dental tooth bleaching procedure.

Many tobacco users also struggle with chronic and pervasive bad breath. At the same time tobacco chemicals can also impede saliva production leading to chronic dry mouth. Trying to manage the problem lozenges or hard candy adds extra sugar to your mouth, which increases the chances of tooth decay and gum disease.

New research has also found a link between tobacco and at least eight major types of oral cancer. Oral cancer also tends to occur earlier and with greater complications in tobacco users.

Tobacco use also irritates gum tissues and lengthens the recovery period after certain dental procedures. As a result, many oral health care professionals suggest seeking out a tobacco cessation program and sticking to it for good, or at least long enough to allow your gums to heal after a procedure.

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