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Lengthy and invasive oral treatments can sometimes leave you feeling uncomfortable if you’re awake. In certain situations, Toluca Dental Studio’s dental healthcare professionals will often recommend that you are sedated in some form for your own comfort.

Mild sedation is sometimes helpful for individuals that are struggling with dental anxiety. This can be as simple as breathing nitrous oxide (or laughing gas). We have found that nitrous oxide helps our patients relax and feel calm while staying fully awake during a treatment. This colorless gas is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through the nose by breathing normally while our team takes care of your smile.

After our dentist administers your nitrous oxide sedation, you will also be able to hear and respond to any questions and instructions during your procedure. We do the work while you sit back, relax, and breathe comfortably through your nose. What sensations can you expect to feel while sedated with nitrous oxide? Most people feel the following: peaceful, calm, light-headed, some tingling in your arms and legs, warmth, euphoria, and a little sleepy. All of these effects will wear off moments after the mask is removed.

If you have an upcoming procedure and are interested in exploring your sedation options, please call Toluca Dental Studio in N. Hollywood, California at 818-927-6807 to find out more about we can make your next procedure as safe and comfortable as possible.