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Do you do everything you can to care for your child’s teeth? Do you brush and floss with them every day, but wonder what else you should do for them? Do you know that you should visit the dentist frequently, but dread the experience because of your child’s fear of the dentist? To help you survive the experience, we’re happy to recommend a few things you can do to help your little one overcome their dental fear.

  • Talking to your child can be a very effective way to relieve their anxiety. It’s possible that your child has learned to be anxious because they heard a scary experience or even saw something that disturbed them. Please remember to be attentive when you speak to your child about this problem. If you can identify the root of his or her anxiety, you may be able to help them overcome their anxiety.
  • You may want to consider alerting your child’s dentist before the visit. Many dentists can take extra care for children who are concerned about their visit. However, it may work better if your dentist knows in advance and has time to prepare before the appointment.
  • Teach your children about how important it is for them to have strong teeth. Also, tell them that your dentist is a doctor who will help them keep their smile healthy. Also, please do not promise your children an award for going to the dentist.

Please feel free to contact us soon if you are interested in learning more about how you can help your child alleviate their fear of visiting the dentist.