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Our teeth are wonders. We use them to bite and chew, swallow, and even speak. They are amazingly durable considering what they go through every day. However, once in a while they need a little bolstering. Cavities, cracks, and other damage can occur. Getting a dental filling is a common way to remedy these problems.

Dental fillings are common restorations for damaged or decayed teeth. Cavities form in teeth when the layer of protective enamel gets corroded away by acid. This acid forms from bacteria, called plaque, that accumulates in your mouth. It also comes from items in the diet, such as citrus. Cracks can be caused by a bad bite, chewing non-food items like pens, or even a blow to the mouth. Fillings may be applied to these situations to repair the damage.

There are several kinds of fillings. Gold and amalgam fillings have long been used effectively to restore teeth. But these are also highly visible, uncosmetic solutions. That’s why at Toluca Dental Studio we use composite fillings. Instead of metal or gold alloy, we use a durable mixture of plastic and very fine glass. These fillings can be precisely matched to the color of the teeth into which they are placed.

The filling process can be completed in one visit. The tooth to be treated needs to be cleaned and the decayed part removed. Then the tooth is filled, the filling is shaped, and your tooth is as good as new.

The best filling, of course, is no filling, so take care to maintain healthy oral hygiene by brushing twice a day and flossing daily. For more information about fillings or to start a regular cleaning routine, call our N. Hollywood, CA, office today.