In some circumstances, root canal therapy, or endodontics, may be necessary to save a tooth it its pulp becomes infected or damaged. The pulp is a soft layer of tissue that contains the tooth’s blood vessels and nerves. If a pulp is damaged or infected and is left untreated, the tooth itself may die. In this case, an extraction—or the removal of the tooth—would become a necessity. Because our friendly dentists at Toluca Dental Studio strive to protect the health of their teeth, they may suggest root canal therapy to treat a tooth whose pulp has become infected in order to preserve your natural smile. If root canal therapy becomes necessary, our doctors will remove the infection, clean and sanitize the tooth, and finally seal the tooth itself. Finally, we will complete the restoration with a crown.

Is root canal therapy right for me?

We recommend visiting our team to see if you need root canal therapy if you are experience severe toothaches when pressure is put on the tooth, discoloration of a tooth, tenderness or swelling in the gums, or a pimple near the gum. To learn more about root canal therapy in N. Hollywood, California, please contact or visit our office today. We look forward to meeting you.